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Lesiones Catastróficas Del Cerebro

Since 1986, attorney Lillian Joyce-Reyes and attorney Robert Joyce have been married and have raised three wonderful children. One of their daughters sustained a brain injury that caused severe cerebral palsy. She needs 24 hour care and total assistance with all of her most basic daily needs. As a result, the Joyce family understands a family’s needs in a moment of crisis and the challenges one faces in the months and years ahead after a catastrophic brain injury. To that end, they have sought and received medical assistance for their daughter from experts throughout the world. Consequently, they are uniquely qualified to handle catastrophic brain injury cases that occur as a result of the negligence of others.

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Sometimes, the overt signs of brain injury are obvious and in other instances, they are very subtle, but nonetheless debilitating. At Joyce and Reyes Law Firm, we have the personal and professional experience to guide you through the claim to get you the best financial recovery that will enable you to get the best possible medical care available. Because of their background, Joyce and Reyes have been honored to help many families who have a loved one who sustained a traumatic brain injury and have in fact tried cases to verdict on such claims. Consequently, if your loved one has suffered a brain injury at birth, or a brain injury as a result of the negligence of another such as in a motor vehicle accident, then Joyce and Reyes is proud to offer their services to help you in these trying times.