Joyce and Reyes Law Firm Will Get You Your Full Payment On A Tampa Injury Lawsuit

Joyce & Reyes Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to overcoming obstacles as we uphold your rights in a Tampa injury lawsuit. When litigating for your rights for a winning verdict or settlement, Joyce & Reyes Law Firm, P.A. makes every attempt to have the opposing party pay the reasonable lawyer fees and costs. This is known as fee shifting, and when you are awarded this, a client potentially has the benefit of keeping the full compensation that is awarded to you in damages

Fee shifting is allowed under Florida Statutes Section 768.79, and in essence, if we make a offer to settle and the final judgment exceeds that offer by 25%, then the other side is responsible for attorneys fees and costs. Our goal at Joyce & Reyes is to take advantage of this statute in every case so that we can maximize the recovery for our clients. Florida Statute mandates that a proposal for fee-shifting is very detailed and precise. That is, a poorly drafted proposal can result in the court not awarding fees. Joyce & Reyes law firm has never had a proposal that was successfully exceeded to be declared invalid. As a result, we successfully have shifted fees to the defendants in virtually every case that we successfully litigated to a verdict.

Fee Shifting: A Twofold Benefit

As a Tampa personal injury case goes through the pre-trial phases, such as the complaint and answer, discovery, and motions phases, the other party can come to a realization that their case is not as solid as the case that Joyce & Reyes has prepared. Moreover, the fee shifting statute can be a mighty tool to encourage settlement so they do not incur the expenses of attorneys fees and costs. So, as one can see, the fee shifting statute has a twofold benefit; first it hastens settlements and second, if we are forced to go to trial it can result in the defendant insurance company paying your attorneys fees instead of you! As a result, the fee shifting provisions are invaluable tools and we at Joyce & Reyes law firm are one of the State’s innovators of creative ways to use this to our client’s benefit.