Litigio de Hogar de Ancianos

Nursing homes owe their residents a reasonable standard of care. The assisted living facility staff should be monitoring each resident’s medication needs, drug interactions, as well as their physical and mental health. It is important that they respond to a senior citizen’s complaints, no matter how big or small, to ensure the resident is getting the quality of care they deserve.

Otherwise, neglecting an elderly person can make the medical professional and facility liable for not monitoring their resident. Neglect is just one of the Tampa nursing home concerns we take on for an individual and their loved ones. Joyce and Reyes Law Firm is also skilled in Tampa nursing home abuse cases. Abuse can take the form of verbal or physical abuse, stealing money or medications, and withholding food or water, for example. Some nursing homes fail to conduct proper background checks on personnel, and end up hiring criminals or unqualified persons to perform critical duties. Any individuals with these concerns should contact a qualified Tampa nursing home attorney to uphold their rights.

Holding Nursing Homes and Staff Accountable

Joyce and Reyes is respected for holding a nursing home and its personnel accountable for their wrongdoing. Nursing home neglect and abuse can cause further serious injuries and an early death. Facilities that do not conduct adequate training and are understaffed compromise their resident’s health and well-being. Our Tampa nursing home litigation attorneys have more than 30 years of courtroom and negotiation experience to get their clients the compensation they deserve from a nursing home’s shortcomings.

All nursing home litigation cases are taken on a contingency basis, so clients are only responsible for attorney fees if it is a winning case. We focus on having a solid team of nursing home experts, witnesses, and skilled Tampa nursing home attorneys to stand up against the nursing home facility, their insurance company, and their legal team. Our accomplishments over the years include million dollar verdicts and settlements in Tampa nursing home lawsuits.

Joyce and Reyes Law Firm Will Take A Nursing Home To Trial

We are one of the only law firms that is committed to taking a nursing home case to trial. A winning verdict not only compensates a nursing home injury victim for their pain and suffering, but it also sends a clear message to the facility to improve its quality of care.