Do You Need A Tampa Pharmaceutical Negligence and Pharmacy Error Lawyer?

Negligencia Farmacéutica

Doctors, pharmacists, and pain clinics owe their patients a reasonable standard of care. With Floridians suffering from prescription overdose and prescription negligence every day, the public is becoming more aware of the problem of pill mills and doctor shopping. Medical professionals can be liable when they prescribe a patient a drug that causes them catastrophic injuries or an unexpected death. Pill mills and doctors can also have their licenses revoked when they prescribe drugs to people without clear medical needs for them.

It is unfortunate that some doctors and pharmacies are more concerned about profits than the health and safety of their patients. Joyce and Reyes Law Firm is dedicated to helping victims and their families hold the guilty party accountable for their wrongdoing. The firm’s Tampa prescription negligence attorneys understand how pill mills can affect an individual’s emotional, mental, and physical health not only in the short term but sometimes for life. And they have extensive experience in wrongful death cases where the overdose or complications could have been prevented if the guilty party had not been negligent.

Protecting You When Doctors Do Not

Presently, the most abused drug is the prescription drug Oxycontin. Oxycontin has the same pharmaceutical properties of heroin and should be prescribed sparingly. Unfortunately, unscrupulous doctors, clinics and pharmacies prescribe and dispense the prescriptions for their own financial interests instead of the best interests of the patient. Oxycontin, like heroin, is highly addictive and people who never had drug seeking activities in the past can be hooked in a matter of days. Individuals and their loved ones should contact a skilled attorney immediately after they learn about this problem. Recently, Joyce and Reyes was able to achieve a confidential $1,000,000.00 settlement in a similar fact situation.

Joyce and Reyes Law Firm Will Rightfully Handle Your Pharmaceutical Negligence

Joyce and Reyes represents victims of prescription negligence on a contingency basis, so no attorney fees are due unless the case wins at trial or in a settlement. Our law firm seeks to take a case to trial and a verdict that compensates clients for their injury and comprehensive loss. We also seek to make a difference in how medical professionals and pharmacies treat others, and encourage the guilty party to address the actions that caused the incident so as to prevent further harm from occurring to others

In every Tampa pill mill or pharmaceutical negligence case, Joyce and Reyes has its renowned team of medical experts, investigators, and attorneys show how extensive the wrongdoing was that caused a client’s injuries or death. We go the extra steps to recover the full compensation for a client’s medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering as we seek to uphold a client’s rights and make the medical industry more aware of their duties to a high quality of patient care.